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Autumn Change

Autumn is blowing it’s wind through my hair, over my arms to where I need a jacket or sweater when going for my walks. It’s lovely the feeling when your skins begins to tingle with the direction of the cold air touching my face, arms and neck. Goosebumps on my arms remind me I no longer can just run outside for a small dash without a covering.

Change is in the skyline of a sunset, the morning dew of a sunrise. I love autumn with its bright oranges, golds, browns and reds.

My appetite changes too in where I only want to eat root vegetables and smoothies made of apples and celery. It’s a great time of year.

Perfectly Cooked Roasted Potatoes

No. of Potatoes – enough to fill your baking pan.

Olive Oil




I used Yukon Gold, but as you can see from the package it only says Yellow Flesh – strange name, more of a description.

They are nice because I don’t peel potatoes thinking the skin gives texture, vitamins and consistency to roasted potatoes.